Monday, December 6, 2010

'Tis The Season!

Our house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  It's filled with the smells of noble pine, cinnamon, and laundry.  I've got a big load going right now.  This is officially my second Christmas being married and in this house and it's going a bit better than last year.  First, we have our Christmas stuff up earlier than 3 days before the holiday and second, because B gave me the sleigh reins and sat back with no complaints.  I love when he sits back with no complaints.

Of course he helped by buying the tree, lugging it home, setting it up and putting the lights on. He really is the helping type.  I would have helped but I'm not really the helping type. During this time I sat back eating Reece's, watching my handsome husband look like the Brawny Man all covered in Christmas tree. You gotta just sit back and scope out your husband sometimes, it will help you remember why you married him.

I did make this that morning.


It was ridiculously I felt like crying as I tore off the first few butter soaked pieces.  If you don't recognize this masterpiece it's called Monkey Bread.  I have not yet figured out where the name comes from, if anyone knows feel free to speak up.  Anyway, it's super easy to make and it will change your world and those you make it for.

Every time I passed Monkey Bread vacinity I could not resist grabbing a hold of one of these little bits of heaven.  Look at how they glisten.  Needless to say it made up for my lack of help around the whole Christmas tree lugging thing... and if you want the recipe, here's where I got it.  

Our tree started out naked as a jay bird.  B man-handled it quite a bit to get it standing straight, the tree was acting like a drunken sailor for a while but shaped up and flew right.  He struggled, I documented.

and with the help of Sage...

I got it all dressed and purty while Pandora played me some sweet Christmas tunes.  Of course I chose the twangy country ones and sang along with Brad Paisley to Jingle Bells.  Here she is, isn't she a beaut?

My favorite part of the tree would be it's little topper that I sought out after the nightmares I had of our corn husk angel last year.  She would come alive at night and I would find her all over the house.  I've since burned her.  I don't mess around with freaky corn husk dolls.  This new one I got is a metal star with holes in which the lights all jammed up inside of it shine through.  It's rad.  Goes along with my other little stars on the mantle and is just SO my style.  I don't even really know what my style is but if I had one this star would go along with it. 

I'm off to enjoy my tree and watch the country music awards and not share the rest of the Monkey Bread.

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