Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Have A Voice Crush...

You ever hear a song come on the radio and the singers voice gives you goose bumps?  Is that voice ever of the opposite sex?  Do you automatically want to marry that voice and have 1,000 of it's babies?  No?  Ok now I may feel weird if I don't have any back-up on this, should I feel guilty?  I call this a VOICE crush, not to be confused with a real crush... on a real person for their real physical and emotional qualities.  This kind of crush is harmless to a married woman.  I think.

Well I have this voice crush on two country singers.  I might have heard some of you just become physically ill and I'm sorry about that.  People tend to LOVE country or HATE it with an unhealthy vigor.  Like when I say I love country music they get this crazed look in their eyes that makes me want to leave the room.  But by all that's good and holy these men bring me to my KNEES every time I hear them sing.  The men themselves don't do much for me but their voices... like butta'.

When Billy Currington sings this song in particular I want to ask his voice to marry me.  He sings kinda like he's just talking to you, it's effortless and masculine and the tone has just enough rasp to induce tingles.

Josh. Turner.  Enough said if you know this ridiculously sexy voice.  Lusciously DEEP and full.  Deep enough to move and rumble your soul.  Close your eyes and you picture this big mountain man who may or not be your fathers age.  Then you open them and you see this short young guy who you'd think would sound like a pip-squeak.  It's one of the things that adds to the hotness of his voice.  

Enough of my semi-inappropriateness.  Who's your voice crush?

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  1. I have a huge voice crush on Zebedee Zaitz of Sparrows Gate. I even wrote then sent them a poem after seeing them play. It would be embarrassing, but they sent an email telling me how much they loved it, so my mortification only lasted from hitting send until the next day.