Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Wish List

I got an email from my mom the other day begging me to send a Christmas List and soon.  I tend to procrastinate on this task, giving my poor mom little to no time to shop.  I don't know why I do this.  I'm only really hurting myself.

So this year I started thinking about what I need... or I guess I should say what I want.  I really don't need anything, other than a life but I'm not sure my mom can help me with that.

I came up with a few things I wouldn't mind having in my life.

These UGGS for example.  I love them and want them in my life as soon as possible.  I like all the colors shown but I asked for them in Black because the cream color would be close to black within 24 hours and the gray just doesn't go with as much as black does.  I love this style.  They are easily worn under jeans or over leggings and the crochet style is so cute.  I like the way they hug your legs.  I like things that hug my legs.  Except when dogs do it. Then it's gross.

I'm asking my husband for a Kindle.  I'm finally breaking down and actually liking the idea of it.  I resisted it for a while because I love reading actual books.  I like to hold them in my hands, admire the cover art, and turn the pages.  I like trading with others so I never have to buy them.  I like stacking them under my bed in order of what to read.  I'm not sure why I like all of this but I do.  Maybe I'm just holding on to the book because I know that pretty soon they will be non-existent.  Well I have to get over that because I'm not going to Hawaii in February with a bag full of books.

This Carhart jacket is not a fashion statement but I still want the heck out of it.  I need a good, sturdy and warm jacket for the barn and winter riding.  You can't get better than this baby.  It's made for mud, poo and everything else I'm going to get on it.  It's not going to flatter my figure or turn any heads but if I open a box and it stares back up at me I'm going to be one happy girl.

I realize this item is on the "long-shot" list but it doesn't mean I don't feel entitled to have it.  Someday.  Before I'm old and gray hopefully.  I'd really like to delve a little bit more in photography and there is only so much you can do with a $100 point and shoot.  I'm a little worried though because I still haven't been able to figure out all the functions to the camera mentioned in the last sentence.  I can only imagine the camera below will be a bit more complex and I'm not sure if I'm evolved enough to handle it.  I'm not really evolved enough to handle my husband either but here he is right next to me.  So I think that makes me fit to own this camera.  Please mom?

While we are talking about "long-shot" gifts...I'll go ahead and throw this baby in there


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