Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Uncanny Resemblance

It's Idol day...only three left.  Are you excited?

I wish I could say I was, but these kinds of shows only excite my husband.  When they are on, they are ON and the remote is beyond my control.  I actually do enjoy the try-outs for American Idol, I can't get enough.  I'm intrigued and captivated by the different kinds of humans who share this earth with me.  

But back to this seasons American Idol.  There are two reasons why it's been sorta, kinda, maybe a little fun to watch.

The first reasons is that our own home town boy James Durbin represented Santa Cruz for so long in the competition and made it to the final four.  Marissa Miller put us on the map with her hotness as THE Victoria's Secret model to take Giselle's place and now James Durbin pins us up there once again.  I can't say I knew or know him but I did kinda, sorta, maybe a little know his sister Carrie.  Whatever, that counts right?  

 I definitely didn't brave the crowds of over 30,000 people to see him perform at the Boardwalk last weekend like some of my friends did.  Nope, wouldn't see me there.  I have a phobia of crowds over 30.  A unexplainable mid-20's sudden onset phobia.  I can explain it I guess.  Living in a perpetual crowd for five years while away at college in Los Angeles made me come running back to Santa Cruz for solitude and a life where maybe 10 people live on your street rather than within 10 square feet of you.  I like to move and I like to breathe.  Crowds don't offer me these necessities that I find I need more now than I did in college.  Along with sleep and real food. 

What does this fun fact I suddenly decided to share have anything to do with anything?  It doesn't.  Moving on...

The second reason why AI entertains me is this resemblance.  It's absolutely uncanny, mesmerizing and pretty freakin funny. 

Scotty McReery IS the Mad Comic guy.  Minus the missing tooth.  
 Am I the only one who put two and two together on this one? 

It's one of the two reasons I have to close my eyes to watch him perform. What's up with me always having no more or no less than two reasons for anything?  I enjoy his voice but I can't get Mad Comic guy off my brain if he's in my visual.  The other reason is I can't handle the way he holds the micro-phone like a fairy holding a flute and his corny facial expressions make me want to gag.  That was three I guess. I'm cured.  His voice is heaven and I'd love to hear it on the radio because it strongly resembles my Voice Crush, Josh Turner.  Why does that voice have to come out of the Mad Comic guy?  We will never know and I will never be able to watch him live because of it.  I'm sure he's deeply wounded.


  1. I thought I was all by myself on comparing Scotty to Mad Magazine kid. I was telling my wife about this but she never knew Mad Magazine.

    When he won American idol I started to search the net and to my surprise lotsa folks out there did compare him to MAD as well.

  2. Well I'm so glad I'm not the only one because like your wife, my husband doesn't remember him either! They must have been living under rocks.