Monday, May 2, 2011

No Other Like Nelson...

Nelson is a force to be reckoned with.  This furry little creature has more personality than 20 dogs put together and keeps showing us more.  The guy is like a gigantic onion, his layers are unending and most the time he makes me want to cry.   He has a ridiculous underbite where one tooth sticks out from the bottom holding his upper lip back in this grimace/smile/snarl depending on his mood.  His moods range from terrible to sweet to adorable and back to terrible again.  He's only terrible to SOME people, I'm not part of that group so I absolutely love the heck out of little Nelson.  If you want the key to his heart, you must know this....high pitch baby talk.  That's what will save your hand or pant leg in a pinch.  Unless you're Brandee...then he hates the air you breathe no matter what octive you can get your voice to reach. 

Nelson is a 5 year-old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix who came to entertain us at the SPCA after failing his temperament test at another shelter.  We tend to collect the "problem-kids" and have alot of fun with them. 

Recently, I pulled a trick out of Nelson that has been lying dormant for the past month.   A trick we have never seen before.  It's another layer being peeled back.  I was originally trying to get him to sit by using a scrumptious peanut butter treat.  He sat, I gave him a treat.  Then I wanted to try to get a ballerina twirl out of him, because that's obviously the next step right?  When I did a little circular motion with my hand the little lad stopped, dropped and rolled.  I got really excited at that point and made him do 26 more rolls-overs.  The guy was on fire.  I think he probably regrets showing me his circus talent because we had to document it of course...Lisa, my director and Nelson's biggest fan, demonstrates for you.

 After all of his horizontal work Nelson earned himself a desk nap.  How does one work under these conditions? 

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