Thursday, May 5, 2011

I will not kill this plant.

It will thrive and grow and gather nutrients from the manure enriched soil.  Big blooms will burst forth and make me smile every time I pull up and park in my driveway.  When the plant gets too luscious and burdened with blooms I will take some cuttings and display them in sweet mason jars all over my house.  My neighbors will notice and make comments like "what a beautiful Hydrangea that is" or "my, you sure have a green thumb, looking at your Hydrangea from my front window makes me smile every morning."  All of this could theoretically happen.  Theoretically.  That's the key word.

If I don't kill it.

No one has ever complimented me about my "green thumb."  Ever.  This will change.  Just watch.

I picked up this young Hydrangea Macrophylla at a thrift store across the street from work.  They were having a half off sale and I noticed they had multiple bedraggled looking plants sitting in the baking sun.  The plant was somewhat of a charity case and when I saw it's sad little buds hoping to one day bloom I took pity and snatched it.  Actually I paid $5 for it. 

I mentioned Macrophylla which kind of makes me sound like I know what I'm talking about, it also sounds like some sort of disturbing disorder, but it really means that this particular plant is a "Mophead" Hydrangea. They produce really big circular blooms that I'm absolutely in love with.  I see these flowers in weddings all the time and they are just so elegant and whimsical and they make me want to have them in my life at all times...inside and outside.  Buying this plant will hopefully get me a littler closer to that reality.  Look how beautiful the blooms can be!

 Imagine if I had these blooms and put together something so totally awesome like this.  So sweet and serene.

 Or this?  I'm in love with the simplicity of it as well as the sheer beauty.  No need for greenery or any other flowers.  These babies stand on their own with no problem.

 During Christmas I could even make one of these!! they bloom during Christmas?  Dang. I really wanted a Hydrangea wreath.  I'll just cut this picture out and tape it to my door when the time comes.

I better slow down or my Hydrangea will hide it's flowers from me in fear of being naked all the time.  I promise, I won't pluck you dry right away.  I will practice self control.  Theoretically.  I love that word.

I MIGHT be able to enjoy these wonderful blooms if I can get the thing in the ground at some point.  Hydrangeas are primarily shade plants, however they do like a few hours of morning sun.  I'm having a problem figuring out where to put my little youngster to get what it needs.  Because in order to avoid plant murder, you have to make sure they get what they need.  I think this theory goes towards a lot in life. At first I thought I had the perfect place in the front yard under our deck/walkway leading to the front door.  I assumed it was a pretty shady spot with some sun but after leaving the plant, in it's container, in the proposed spot I nearly scorched the poor thing to death.  I hugged it and told it I would never do it wrong again.  Today it sits by the back door waiting to be put in it's proper home.  You'll be home before you know it little one.

I've got a few little pink faces coming out to say hi, one did not appreciate the sun burn and is looking a little forlorn. 

Most of the others have yet to be born and are marinating in their buds waiting for me to get my shit together and put their mothership in the ground.

Wish me luck in my Hydrangea endeavor.  I will keep you posted.  If you don't get posted than it means the plant has most likely died and gone to plant trash can heaven.  Let's hope my thumb starts turning a light shade of green and that doesn't happen.  I won't be able to handle the thought of being so close to my dream of having hydrangea blooms in my life.  Amen. 

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