Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Night of Cute

One of the many benefits of working at an animal shelter is the abundance of cuteness you get to experience every single day.  Sometimes I think I'm immune but a few nights ago I had the chance to take home a mom and her four puppies...I found out I'm not. 

Mom and puppies took a road-trip all the way from Madera and when they arrived they were filthy, tired and not sure where they were.  Momma...we're not in Madera anymore.  Most would find that comforting.  I apologize if you live in Madera.  Anyway, the foster home that was to be taking this sweet little family of pups was not ready and I offered my pad for a night.  My husband loves it when I do these kinds of things.  Just likes he loves sand in the bed and dinner at 10 pm. 

But really?  How can you get mad at this? You really can't, and if you do then I don't even want to know you let alone be married to you.  Good thing it melted him too and right away he started to get their little nest ready and even helped me bathe everyone. 

These little precious lumps of furry sugar are six-week-old Dachshund mixes who, after only one night together, have stolen my heart, chewed my toes, and made me want to hide them under my bed and tell work they had packed up and gone back to Madera. 

Seriously?  I need to bite something.

Shut the front door.  They made the cutest little grunts and whines.  I wanted to tape them and then fall asleep to it like white know, instead of the ocean or city sounds?  Puppy Sounds.  Best idea ever.  Every single one of their stinky hineys got a nice warm bath, courtesy of my bath-tub and removable nozzle.  I love removable nozzles.  I developed a very good relationship with mine during the broken ankle fiasco. 

So after their bath, I set up the crate and got it all cozy.  Momma was so sweet but you could tell she was used to keeping these little whippersnappers in line and didn't hesitate to wrap some knuckles when the cuties turned into tyrants.  She would have no misbehavin'.  If all kids had a mother like her, this world would be a better place I'm sure of it. 

Don't let these innocent eyes fool you...

Because in the blink of an eye and a flash of razor sharp puppy teeth you could be in some serious pain. One had my toe, one had my sweatshirt, one had my fingers, and one had my pony-tail. I tried to pry them off my various parts but puppies have the lock-jaw...forget pit bulls. One got tired of my toe, ran over to mom and tried to get fresh with her.

She didn't scream like me.  She didn't give them all a chance to take over her whole body like I did.  No, she just lay down the law.  Don't you sass me boy...

Did he sass her again?  No, he sure didn't.  He just ran back to me and relieved me of a toe.  I don't get no respect.

She wasn't always tough as nails.  She was very sweet and motherly, tending to them like a nurturing goddess. 

But like any mother, I'm sure, she took better care of the pups than herself.  The poor dear was in dire need of a massage, facial, mani/pedi and probably a whole Oprah Make-Over.  Kids will age you ten years, I've heard. 

After everyone ate their dinner, took their night-time dooky, and settled in for bed.  Mom led us in a night-time prayer and off to bed we went.

Close them eyes for prayin' youngin'!

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