Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Day It All Begins...

 I've been thinking of starting a blog for a long time.  Not because I have a ton of important things to say that will change lives, cure cancer or soften wrinkles...but because I love reading the blogs of others and hey, it's raining and I have no job.

There I said it.  I'm somewhat-of-a-desperate housewife except for the desperate part.  I'm actually enjoying every minute of it.  Spending as much time as I darn well please with my beautiful beast of a horse and painfully cute chihuahua is heaven on earth for me.  Waking up early as my husband gets up for work, giving him a long kiss and hug.....and going right back to sleep is absolutely amazing.  Sleep is pretty much just amazing in general and it's one thing I've NEVER had a problem doing.  I can already see where this blog is going...all over the place and no where in particular.  So this is what you'll learn to love.  Not that anyone is reading but I tell myself that so I don't feel naked and alone.

You'll learn about the blessings in my life and the bruises I get along the way.  The things I love, the things I like, the things I think are funny, the things I think are sad, the things I think are lame, and the things that get me so mad I want to punch a baby. Don't get mad a me, that line was in a movie and it just stuck ok?  You'll get a lot of animal talk, horse and dog in particular.  Maybe some cooking and baking as well.  Just please keep in mind that I'm still learning not to burn everything and set the house ablaze.  I'm coming along nicely.  I might talk a bit about fashion and bargain buys, who doesn't love a good deal right?  I might spout off about interior design and how I can quickly tell you what looks amazing in a magazine and then fail miserably to recreate and implement in in my own home.  I'm also planning to start a garden although I'm pretty sure I jumped on that band wagon a little late.  What I'm saying is you might just get a bit of everything if you decide to return to my little blog that is just being born.  Isn't it cute?  All pruney and pink and tiny.  I encourage you to bear with me as I learn how to help it walk and talk and be a contributing part of society...wait what?

Welcome to my world, won't you come in, sit down and enjoy the view  :)

P.S...this picture is just a preview of who will be coming your way manana.  Just a forwarning, she brings out the doggie-speak in me.  It's a form of baby-talk but totally better.

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